Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All in the Name of Affordable Cavalli. . .

*An e-mail from a friend of mine*

Hey girlie-

So, this is not an email to you to report how crazy the H&M Cavalli sale was on Thursday. No, I made my henchwoman do all my dirty work for me! :) she was the one that took Thursday off work, she was the one that stood in line an hour before 10am store opening, she was the one that had clothes ripped out of her hand, women (and men) pushing and shoving, etc. Yes, my henchwoman (Ryh-Ming) would give me updates every 10 minutes on what she had in her hands and what she was bartering for in the dressing rooms.

I guess she had her name on a waitlist for the gold beaded party dress that was apparently a runway dress that they only made 200 of and *supposedly* there were 2 specific dressing rooms that you could try the sample size 6 and size 8 and if you decided you wanted it then you had to wait. hahaha what a horrific nightmare.

Anyways, I definitely wanted her to check out the zebra trench (the black is way nicer), the zebra short dress, the leopard maxi dress (too long), the leopard corset and the jewelry. She got to the jewelry too late. The corset she was able to grab was too small for us. However, she scored me a zebra short dress and it was sublime!!! so cute, I love it! It is going for $200-250 on Ebay right now ($99 in store) which is crazy!! The black trench is really really nice and the corset is really nice for the price too. I just can't pull off corsets though, they are such a pain to get in and out of too. anyways that's all the drama for now. :)

miss ya,

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