Thursday, September 29, 2011

White After Labor Day

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I live in Southern California, it's warm out, the sun is shining, the fabric breathes and it just works well against my complexion. Why not, right?

Dress: Calypso St. Barth for Target, Heels: GUESS

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Silk blouses are not a staple in my closet, but my love for thrifting has conjured up a desire for rich fabrics and vintage pieces, like never before. My mother spotted this blouse at Goodwill- Lucky Me! I think those might actually be the original faux pearl buttons, a detail I find quite charming. Interestingly enough, I found the skirt a week or two prior, on sale for $10 from $138- though I fell in love with the antique-style, tiered lace, long before I even saw the price tag. And the bag? It's one I was sure had slipped out of my grasp years ago at full retail. Fortunately, a good memory (brand/style name) and eBay served to reunite us at 70% off.

Blouse: Ann Taylor (by way of Goodwill), Skirt: Ann Taylor, Bag: Isabella Fiore 'Reina'

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bed 'Side' Fellows

Whether in a hotel, a guest room or my own home, I always have something on the nightstand that brings me comfort. More often than not, a book or candle does the trick but as of late, a couple of fun pieces have found a space near the very place I find rest.

A small but intricate Eiffel tower figurine, a symbol of all things chic and elegant. Also, a reminder to always keep my passport current. A small journal with a cute twist on a common adage. I often jot down memorable quotes from whichever book I'm reading, moments I'm grateful for, ideas for gifts etc. A small hand... simply put, I was amused by it and still am ;)

What's on your nightstand?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red Jeans

Am I the only one who has become obsessed with red jeans and trousers? I was tearing through Goodwill stores this summer trying to find a pair that wouldn't break the bank, just so that I could try this Fall trend at a discount. To my delight, I found these for $4 and given that my hind quarter has gained some volume over the summer, the fit is comfortable and not confining. I had about 20 ideas for styling these but I figured I'd start with the ubiquitous striped top for this post.

Top: H&M (Thrifted), Jeans: Rue 21 (Goodwill), Heels: Jessica Simpson 'Brinna', Bag: Vintage Coach

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Brunch

I spotted this dress at H&M back in July while I was in New York for the Alexander McQueen Exhibit. It was hanging all alone on a rack in the middle of the store and against my better judgement (it wasn't on sale), I tried it on. It has a sort of ethereal look and feel about it that I absolutely adore and the length is perfect for flats. I can see it paired with a rhinestone headband for a summer night dinner date or with flip-flops and a ponytail for Sunday Brunch with friends. While I'm a bargain shopper by nature, there are certain pieces worth making an exception for. This is one of them.

Dress: H&M Conscious Collection

Friday, September 16, 2011

Business or Pleasure

At times I find it quite refreshing that my tastes don't skew in any specific direction. I can be the woman I couldn't wait to be as a young girl or I can downshift into a more playful version of myself. Options are a beautiful thing.

Sneakers: Converse Jack Purcells, Heels: Boutique 9 'Dolled'