Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Putting The Damage On

This morning I awoke with a hangover that had me likening myself to a newborn calf pushing itself up on its legs for the first time.

Number 1: Put one foot in front of the other
Number 2: Get Dressed
Number 3: Get Coffee

The plan derailed at Number 2, when the only top I could find among the wreckage was one that read:
"More Than Just A Pretty Face". . .

Ummmmm. . . . . .No!

There's just no holding your head high in the Starbucks line when you're looking like roadkill and rocking a message tee like that one. Truth in packaging, my friends

T R U T H - I N - P A C K A G I N G

-Still mourning the loss of my Honda :-(

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time Out

Things are rather bumpy and uncertain for me right now, hence the decrease in posts lately. My car was stolen this week and I am scrambling to solve that problem. I will be back on Monday. Please keep me bookmarked.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2 Random Things

1. In answer to your e-mails; I plan to wear the Libertine Fog Dress with my Frye Villagers to toughen it up a bit. Also, I might belt it, but only if I can find one amongst my own that is suitable. Otherwise; lose, with boots, a grandpa-cardi and a funky scarf or beads.

2. A few nights ago, as I was washing my hands in a public restroom, I overheard a woman in one of the stalls asking her friend, who was standing next to me at the sink, if an esthetician could be counted as a sexual partner. Apparently, she had just experienced her first Brazilian wax earlier that day and hadn't anticipated the positions required in order to accomplish that particular caliber of "finished product". Everyone erupted in laughter, myself included, and with good reason - I have long been a fan of the Brazilian wax as it is truly the gift that keeps on giving ;-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Truth

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over. . .
it became a butterfly.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

a lui toujours

Desired but Scared. . .Scared but Happy. . .Happy but Sleepy. . .
Blissfully Sleepy ♥

Monday, August 6, 2007

Seriously? Seriously.

For the very F I R S T time in my life, I was stood up for a date. A coffee date. A no-strings attached, $5 maximum, shave-optional, coffee date.

I deign to allow myself to be distracted for a mere moment, the hope of adult conversation top of mind. I say to myself, "Self, give the guy your number, what's the worst that can happen - He arrives wearing Tevas?"

Just to be clear and to prove my lack of delusion, I am painfully aware and in full expectation of these types of dating hazards presenting themselves in my 30's, but in my 20's? L'horreur!

This morning, after awakening to the shame of it all, I did what any red-blooded girl would. . .brushed my teeth, put on my mary janes (still in PJ's no less), and made my own damn coffee.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I caught my first glimpse of this bag last summer while I was busy willing myself not to step off of the marble walkway and onto the 500+ square feet of carpeting that is the handbag department at my local Nordstrom store. A very common battle in my world. At a glance, the styling wasn't signature of any of the bag designers I am familiar with, so I gave in to the curiosity and pulled over.
Immediately, I was taken in by the craftsmanship. The rugged quality of the leather played well with the cut and detail of the trim, it was a decent size and it fit comfortably on the shoulder.

I was trying to decide which color would pair best with my boots, jeans, and coats, when it occurred to me to check the price tag. Enthusiasm curbed, I set it down and walked away like a good girl; afterall, a debit of $700 was not in my plans that day.

I'll admit that resistance is not my strong suit, but every once in a while it pays off and comes full circle. Almost a year later, a few of these bags made their way to Nordstrom Rack at the drastically reduced price of $164.97 - naturally, I reasoned that it was meant to be :-)

If you're having trouble finding inspiration in your current fall wardrobe and don't plan to incorporate many new pieces this year, remember that a well chosen bag can cover a multitude of sins.
Item No. 429337040204
Colors: Black, Cuoio, and Hazelnut
Nordstrom Rack stores will charge-send upon request**