Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Months Tardy

Sorry I've been out of touch lately, but life has been moving at a pace- the likes of which I've never experienced. Not a fan of the word "Ridonkulous" but it's the only one I can muster on a weak signal. Nonetheless, I have at least 50 scraps of paper with various "Blog Notes" scribbled on them in my calendar, purse, and car and I hate to the state the obvious, but I don't have much time this morning so I'll save the poetic prose of my wardrobe chronicles for a day that ends with sleep :-) Thanks for understanding!

Here are the things that I'm loving now:

1. Fiberwig's Paint-On False Eyelashes/Mascara: Somehow, I've been losing lashes!! I know, it's nuts - my lids are almost bald. This stuff has me batting like a maniac, even to myself in the rearview.

2. Chanel Aqualumiere: Ironic Tonic

3. Prada D'Iris: My BFF surprised me with a bottle and I've been sitting on my hands to keep from bathing in it day and night

4. Old Navy's Shimmer Tank Dress: This is so gonna be in my belly soon

5. Steven by Steve Madden: East Village Satchel- Just WOW!

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