Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

There's just no doubt about it, Spring has definitely sprung and it's just our good fortune that there isn't much else to do except settle into this precious season with ease. I picked up some fresh flowers last weekend, switched the linens from the jewel tones of Fall and Winter to the lighter, brighter hues of Spring and Summer; And this week, I'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends- I'm excited! More importantly though, I've inadvertently developed an obsession with devouring publications and podcasts related to various environmental issues and human interest stories. If you have a moment to spare, please do check out Annie Leonard's The Story of Bottled Water -- I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Dress: Rodarte for Target, Shoes: GUESS


Lesa said...

What a pretty color blue!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! YOu look so pretty.

Candycane said...

Wow such pretty pics . You look like a fairy princess - Love the colour!

CC xXx

Wicked Thrifty said...

what a gorgeous dress! from TARGET?! wow. i'm impressed.

i love the nude shoe here. i'd been undecided since i'm not really into beige, but they DO make your legs look ten million miles long!