Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

After putting it off and putting it off, I finally went through my bag last night. The weekly clean-out was delayed due to travel, which resulted in at least five extra pounds of junk. The receipts, wrapers, airline peanuts, boarding passes and loose change were all expected- but finding six hotel key cards from a span of 14 days, surprised me.

Life has definitely kept me on my toes since the first of the year, but every second has been packed with laughter, memories and new friends.

On Wednesday, I'll be visiting my God Daughter's First Grade Class to read 'Oh, The Places You'll Go!' in honor of Dr. Seuss's Birthday. I found it rather apropos that this was the book selected for me.

Photos: Decatur Street in New Orleans (Taken from River's Edge Restaurant), San Diego Harbor (View from Room 2519 of the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego), Lake Arrowhead (In the span of a few hours, we went from the Sunny San Diego Harbor to a mountain motel called 'Sleepy Hollow'- which we found in a pinch when the ice kept us from going any further on the roads that night. Thankfully, the proprietor sold us her last Duraflame log for the fireplace in our room :)

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