Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To The Rescue

Over the past three weeks, I've been commuting back and from from Southern California to Northern California for work and my complexion is starting to show signs of airline fatigue. It feels as though the altitude is literally sucking the water out of my skin.

I'm not one to be drawn in by advertisements, but after coming across an acknowledgement from Allure for Garnier Nutritioniste's Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream, I literally schlepped myself down five city blocks to the nearest drugstore to grab a jar.

Turns out all of those glowing 5-Star reviews were spot on. This is the lightest and most refreshing moisturizer I've ever used. I could see and feel a difference after only three days. In the past I've been bad about moisturizing in the evenings, but this has been a welcome addition to both my nightly and pre-board routines.

Also pictured, other goods I deem necessary for survival on the road:

Colgate: Wisps, Batiste: Blush Dry Shampoo, Borba: Skin Balance Aqua-Less Crystalline, Wei East: Chinese Herbal Eyes Alive

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Lovely post great products