Saturday, May 28, 2011

Done and Done

If you were anywhere near a rounder in the back, far left corner of the Nordstrom Rack in Denver Colorado yesterday- you may very likely have been witness to a crazy girl jumping wildly in place while simultaneously trying to muffle a roar of cheers and laughter!! A huge part of what makes this score so spectacular is that unlike some of my other epic finds, I've never actually made an effort to track these down at a discount.

I've admired the J Brand Houlihan for months, from afar- in every fashion publication and celebrity lifestyle magazine. Having always been a fan of cargos, the skinny low-rise cut, combined with the detailed placement of the stitching and the extra long ankle zipper, made these the Holy Grail of all cargos for me. An audible gasp, followed by a mass text to those who could empathize with my euphoric moment and I was deliriously racing to the register. Unexpected Retail Mission Accomplished!!

Ladies, a trip to your local NR would be worth the gas if you've had your eye on these. Amazing fit and a great find at 60% off Rack tag- $35 total, out the door (Original Retal $230)

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