Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Silk blouses are not a staple in my closet, but my love for thrifting has conjured up a desire for rich fabrics and vintage pieces, like never before. My mother spotted this blouse at Goodwill- Lucky Me! I think those might actually be the original faux pearl buttons, a detail I find quite charming. Interestingly enough, I found the skirt a week or two prior, on sale for $10 from $138- though I fell in love with the antique-style, tiered lace, long before I even saw the price tag. And the bag? It's one I was sure had slipped out of my grasp years ago at full retail. Fortunately, a good memory (brand/style name) and eBay served to reunite us at 70% off.

Blouse: Ann Taylor (by way of Goodwill), Skirt: Ann Taylor, Bag: Isabella Fiore 'Reina'

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