Friday, August 3, 2007


I caught my first glimpse of this bag last summer while I was busy willing myself not to step off of the marble walkway and onto the 500+ square feet of carpeting that is the handbag department at my local Nordstrom store. A very common battle in my world. At a glance, the styling wasn't signature of any of the bag designers I am familiar with, so I gave in to the curiosity and pulled over.
Immediately, I was taken in by the craftsmanship. The rugged quality of the leather played well with the cut and detail of the trim, it was a decent size and it fit comfortably on the shoulder.

I was trying to decide which color would pair best with my boots, jeans, and coats, when it occurred to me to check the price tag. Enthusiasm curbed, I set it down and walked away like a good girl; afterall, a debit of $700 was not in my plans that day.

I'll admit that resistance is not my strong suit, but every once in a while it pays off and comes full circle. Almost a year later, a few of these bags made their way to Nordstrom Rack at the drastically reduced price of $164.97 - naturally, I reasoned that it was meant to be :-)

If you're having trouble finding inspiration in your current fall wardrobe and don't plan to incorporate many new pieces this year, remember that a well chosen bag can cover a multitude of sins.
Item No. 429337040204
Colors: Black, Cuoio, and Hazelnut
Nordstrom Rack stores will charge-send upon request**

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