Monday, August 6, 2007

Seriously? Seriously.

For the very F I R S T time in my life, I was stood up for a date. A coffee date. A no-strings attached, $5 maximum, shave-optional, coffee date.

I deign to allow myself to be distracted for a mere moment, the hope of adult conversation top of mind. I say to myself, "Self, give the guy your number, what's the worst that can happen - He arrives wearing Tevas?"

Just to be clear and to prove my lack of delusion, I am painfully aware and in full expectation of these types of dating hazards presenting themselves in my 30's, but in my 20's? L'horreur!

This morning, after awakening to the shame of it all, I did what any red-blooded girl would. . .brushed my teeth, put on my mary janes (still in PJ's no less), and made my own damn coffee.