Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smoke House

I'm 5'4 and this is quite literally the ONLY maxi dress I can wear with flat sandals; and while the plaid was a bit much at first glance, the length and prospect of incorporating it into the last of my spontaneous jaunts this summer, sold it. . .for $6 to be exact. Get it while the getting is good- Target, Clearance, $6. There was another plaid option, but this was the least rowdy ;)

Dress: Target, Bag: Regina, Shoes: Leather Shop in Cabo


Sher said...

Great find! And it looks lovely on you!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

That dress is gorgeous on you and makes you look so tall! I'm envious. Hehe.

Mrs Hairgrow said...

I want that purse soooooooooo bad! Can you bring it to work!

PLEASE....I am serious!