Friday, September 4, 2009

That Last Sunday

This week has been a blur of boxes and lists and trucks filled with things and hangers spilling out of closets filled with boxes full of things! I moved into a new house, or should I say- 'new to me' and getting everything organized and in its place has been an undertaking, the likes of which mere words cannot describe. . . More about that later. Anyway, I've received a few 'Where are you?' messages and figured I'd better post something, anything quick. . .so here I am, in the park on my last Sunday in my old neighborhood. I promise next week will be filled with posts :)

Dress: Bebe, Shoes: GUESS 'Rally'


tonia fashion tour said...

ohh..cute dress!!really like the shoes!!!!

Sher said...

I'm catching up on posts here and only just read this. Good luck on your move! And tell us more about your new place :)