Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Slight Alteration

So here's the thing, I haven't had many opportunities to take pictures lately so I asked a friend to grab the camera as I ran out to pick-up my dry-cleaning. We only had a few minutes so there wasn't much time to zoom, position myself in the best lighting etc. Long story short, they're not good and I wouldn't have shared this photo if it wasn't for the man in the top right hand corner-What in the world????????? *Note to self: Find a new Dry Cleaner*

Dresses: BCBG, Leather Jacket: Old Navy, Shoes: GUESS

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susan said so said...

just found your blog (not even sure how!) and i wanted to tell you i actually LIKE this photo of you, wee-ing man notwithstanding!

the movement makes the photo more dynamic and interesting, and because it isn't posed, it seems more relaxed and natural.

just my opinion...

Happy New Year!