Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Come On, Come Out

I've been on hiatus lately; working on a few side projects and eliminating mental clutter by striking things from my perpetual To-Do List with a giant red sharpie.

Today started with a meeting at 8:30, followed by two cups of coffee, a wardrobe change, chai latte's and window shopping with a friend, a quick snack with another friend and lastly, an end-of-day marathon run through emails, text messages and voice mails- just in time for the clock to strike WINE! Red, Red, Wine :)

Dress: Forever 21, Bag: Nine West 'Collages', Sandals: Target


Anonymous said...

I so look forward to your blog...but most of all "I love reading about it!!!

Love you and miss you!!

Jennifer said...

I love that dress. You look gorgeous in it.
And the first and third photos look like candid celebrity shots or something. Lol.

TigerLili said...

LOL!!! Cute!!!

CALI said...

HEY LADY!!! I bought the same dress in white, you know, to show off that beautiful Southern California tan (seeing as how I only have pigment 2 months a year lol)ut you look waaaaay more fab in it!


p.s. Before I wore it I had to get some serious spanx!!!!!