Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sky Light

I live about a mile from the ocean and the marine layer is rather persistent on most days. Today was no different; noon came and went with the clouds still holding post on my street. Fortunately, the light and warmth of the sun is just a jog, bike, or car-ride away.

I felt like wearing white and waving a flag, so I showered, dressed, chased the sun and captured the moment. Also, I was anxious to share my exqusite Consignment Shop find; the dress- which I'm told was in stores just four months ago and reatiled for $128. My price: $10.50 :) *Giddy*

White, Eyelet, Strapless Dress: J. Crew, Shoes: GUESS 'Raise'


Candycane said...

Beautiful and I love the litle flag :D

Have a great weekend!


E said...

what a fresh, beautiful summer look!

Jennifer said...

Whoa LOVE that white sundress. It looks amazing on you.
And I'm so jealous you live right by the beach!! :P
I'm glad you are having a good weekend.

Jennifer said...

PS. Wanna exchange links?