Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sabado Gigante!

I don't call myself The Consummate Shopper for nothin' and I trust that my readers demand truth in advertising, so I thought I'd put together a quick post to show you how I scored $142.00 worth of product for $24.00! tax included

I don't peruse every circular that arrives in the mail, but I do look for coupons and post cards that announce a Grand Opening or One Day Only give-aways and then I wait; Iwait for a sale or I wait until I need something that I can get there with the qualifying coupons, whichever comes first. . .or in this case, both!

A few weeks ago, CVS took the place of my local Long's Drugstore; along with the announcement card came (4) coupons- (1) $10 off $20 or more and (3) $5 off $15 or more. Today, I needed sand paper, mascara, concealer, club soda, and 'lady goods'-- I pulled my coupons and headed to CVS-- Lo and behold a 75% off sale in the parking lot. Aside from the goodies pictured ($142.00/$24.00 breakdown below), I also got some great deals on a few future necessities: Contac Cold+Flu (24 Caplets) $6.59/$1.65, Kleenex plus Lotion $2.29/$0.57, Dr. Ken's All Natural Toothpaste $5.99/$1.50, Scotch Tape $3.99/$1.00, Coffee Filters $2.29/$0.57. . .

*As Pictured*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Frownies: $14.69/$1.75, Almay Pure Blends + Bonus Lip Gloss $13.99/$3.50, Prestige Skin♥Loving Minerals $11.99/$3.00, Physicians Formula Concealer Stick $7.99/$2.00, L'Oreal Bare Naturale $ 14.99/$3.75, Palladio Powder Brush $9.99/$2.50, Large Colonial Candle 'Juicy Melon' (for the last days of summer) $24.99/$6.25 and Large Colonial Candle 'Apple Orchard' (for the first days of fall) $24.99/$6.25, Prestige 'My Biggest Lashes' $6.99

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

You are quite the bargain shopper! I'm inspired. :)