Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Block Party

If there is a Target within a 20 mile radius of a hotel that I'm staying in, I make it a point to drop in. Nine out of ten times, I find the pieces that I had searched my local stores for- case in point, this $7 sweater dress. It's lightweight, I love the sleeves, and it was a no-brainer on this cloudy day.

Dress: Target, Shoes: Boutique 58 'Opinion', Coat: Nordstrom


i devour fashion said...

i love the colors, Nic! you are so sexy. =)

Christina said...

O like both:coat and drsss.Both fits you very well!

Bella said...

Oh, the coat... I want it!!!

This is perfect, and the last shots is FANTASTIC!!! xxxx

Hot Bot said...

The first two Targets are opening in Hawaii next month! Can't wait.