Monday, February 9, 2009

Well, Color Me Thrilled!!

Over the weekend, dearest Cheyenne tagged me with my first award!
My blog has been a labor of love over the past two years and with such a significant amount of time going into each post, it's refreshing to hear that someone out there is enjoying it.

The blogisphere is a network of peers, and since we rely on our 'degrees of separation' to bring awareness to those that have yet to be acknowledged, it stands to reason that any accolade should be paid forward. The fine print is as follows:

* Link the blog that gave you the award
* Give the award to seven other bloggers, and link them
* Tell the bloggers that you have given them an award

I'm inspired by many, but as of late- I've been drawn in by these:

Alicia of Instant Vintage
Jennifer of Over Obsessorized
Carrie of My Bare Style
Jenny of Cinderella
Sera of Sera-Louise
Thank you,


Nai said...

so cool! cogratulations :) u really deserve it ♥ ur blog is so pretty n u're very sweet ^^

*kate* said...

hey hun congrats! i just gave you another award :)

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Girl, thanks!


You are too sweet. And you totally deserve the award. =D

Eleh said...

awww sweet!!
thanks a bunch love :)