Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ease Equality

It's that 'time' again and I'm feeling rather puffy, but I simply cannot quantify in words how much better it felt to slip into a cotton dress rather than a pair of sweats this morning. That tiny effort is the equivalent of a warm cup of tea to my fashion-soul.

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: GUESS 'Rally'


*kate* said...

i would give anything to throw on a cotton dress right now... too bad it is 7 degrees out and snow all over :( but that dress is beautiful..the design is very baroque..loves it

Nai said...

I like winter. HOWEVER, that's true. I hate wearing lots of clothes, it's just anoying.
Ur beautiful dress is puuurfect to start on the first hot days! :D

Nai said...

*annoying. i hate when i write wrong with no intention XD

I'm Addicted To Fashion ♥ said...

we got winter in germany =(
i want to throw on a cotton dress ... =(

i devour fashion said...

i love black and white and your shoes is similar with my Hugo Boss. =)

p.s. i'm so looking forward to spring now.

Candycane said...

Love this dress!